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OPC Introduces Free App and New Entry System for Activity Center Visitors

Posted at 12:18 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

From August 1, members of the Oxford Parks Commission will introduce everyone who enters the sports facilities inside Coach Howell and Oxford Activity Centers to the Stack Team app.

Last April, the OPC board began exploring ways that would let employees know who was in the facility and what was going on during their free play time. Eventually, the board landed on the Stack Team app.

OPC Director Seth Gaines said the app will help increase safety and awareness within the activity centre.

“It’s kind of tracking who’s in the building, where are they and what’s going on in their free play,” Gaines said. “If there is an emergency where someone passes out at our facility and no one really knows, who do we contact? This connects to the Blue Sombrero account that we have on our Team Sports Stack, stack connector, or whatever we have on our regular system and that way we can access our membership cards and see who it is , then access information about them. »

The app will also help employees to restrict prohibited persons. Gaines said that if people had been banned from OPC facilities, most employees would have no way of recognizing each person who was restricted. With the Stack Team app, that won’t be a problem.

“If we end up having to ban someone from an establishment,” he said, “we can block them from getting a membership card, and that just wouldn’t allow them to be scanned.”

The OPC will begin using this free app from September to register visitors to the facility for use of the free play and walking track.

This means those who play Pickleball at the centers, those who play basketball and volleyball during free play hours, and those who use the walking track daily create a membership card on the app.

Participants in instructional classes such as youth gymnastics, karate, fencing or wrestling or those who have signed up to play a team sport such as volleyball or basketball at the fall and winter won’t have to scan every time they enter the Coach Howell Center. This system will only cater to those who are not registered for a course or activity.

OPC staff will be able to assist those who do not have direct access to an iPhone or Android device by creating an account for them on the app inside the Coach Howell Center. An OPC staff administrator can scan visitors in the center. Each account holder will need to upload their photo to create a membership card.

Visitors to the activity center may worry about the cost of membership. However, Gaines told The Eagle membership cards will be free through the app.

“It’s going to say buy or buy a membership card,” he said. “But it’s free.”

When the app is first opened, users can search for “Oxford Park Commission” to access your team. Once this has been accomplished, an icon at the bottom of the screen indicating the membership card should be visible. Tapping this icon will create the map and upload the photo.

Once all of this is done, individuals will need to close the app, re-open it and go to the top right corner of the settings icon which looks like a wheel.

Below the list of settings, there will be a list of transactions which includes Wallet and Scan. The wallet is where the membership card is located, along with a photo. A QR code will be located below the image in the Membership Card section. This will be the code that will be scanned to enter the establishment.

If parents or guardians wish to add their children to their account, under My Account, users can add their child’s name, information and photo. This will create another membership card that can be sent to the child’s phone.

If an adult or child does not have a smartphone to use the Stack Team app, membership cards can be printed from the Oxford Park Commission’s Teamapp website.

To become a member, visit the website www.oxfordparkcommission.teamapp.com.


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