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MIDDLEBURY — More changes may soon be coming to Northridge High School’s athletic facilities.

A new Middlebury Activity Center is proposed as part of facility upgrades across the school district. Other upcoming improvements are a new roof for the college, as well as repairs to roads and parking lots in the neighborhood.

Middlebury Schools Superintendent Jayson Snyder said the proposed changes were made to the Middlebury School Board at its meeting on Tuesday. The council then authorized the school to begin publicizing the project to community members.

“These projects are expected to begin in the spring of 2023 and end in the fall of 2024,” Snyder said in a statement. The Goshen News. “Due to current interest rates, the rapid elimination of old debt and a history of tax-prudent decision-making, we are able to complete these projects using tax-exempt bonds and repay the debt over eight years without increasing the tax rate. The use of these bonds will also have no impact on the education fund which determines employee compensation.

“We are very pleased to complete these projects and provide students, staff and community members with much needed upgrades and a long overdue activity center. We believe these projects will have a positive impact on our community for years to come.

The centerpiece of the project is the new activity centre. If approved, the building will be constructed adjacent to the current high school building in the area just southeast of where the Northridge Aquatic Center is located. Multiple sports fields, changing rooms, an indoor track and a large space to hold physical education classes are part of the proposal.

However, it would not be a high school events only building, as there would also be community access to the facility.

Arguably the biggest part of the proposal, however, is the construction of a new gymnasium that would host varsity volleyball and basketball competitions for boys and girls. Currently, the Northridge volleyball team plays its home games in a small gymnasium located in the high school, while college basketball games are played in the college gymnasium.

Along with the activity center, an approximately 2,400-seat gymnasium will be constructed to accommodate these three sports games, as well as various other events in the school district.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of Raider Nation,” Northridge women’s basketball coach Doug Springer said in a statement to The Goshen News. “The dedication our administration has shown in making Middlebury Community Schools the premier school district in Northern Indiana can be seen through the upgrades made to our facilities over the past few years. The Middlebury Activity Center will provide incredible opportunities for our students, athletes and community. The high school will finally have a facility that can accommodate our entire student population for indoor events such as a winter pep session and/or call-ups. This will give our physical education department more activity space, as well as classroom space that they currently do not have. »

Springer also noted some of the other benefits the facility will create.

“It gives our cheer squads and our dance teams their own dedicated space, which none have at the moment,” Springer said. “The indoor track will provide a safer alternative for our students who currently run outdoors during the winter months. The MAC will also improve student safety as our basketball student-athletes and student-athletes n “will no longer have to struggle with after-school traffic to get to their College and Intermediate Heritage practices. The Competition Gym and Auxiliary Gym will also free up space at the College and HIS, allowing these schools to provide more opportunities for their own students/staff.

“The best part about all of these facility upgrades is that they won’t increase our community’s taxes or impact our education fund.”

Northridge boys’ basketball coach Scott Radeker echoed many of Springer’s sentiments in his own statement.

“The new facility is exactly what this company needs,” Radeker said. “It will be a benefit for boys and girls of all ages in our community. It will be large enough for us to hold pep rallies and convocations with the entire student body. This gives us additional space to better serve young players in the boys and girls basketball and volleyball power systems. This will give our physical education teachers more space to work with their students. Other sports will be able to use the track and the multipurpose room for indoor training. All this without raising anyone’s taxes.

“I am very grateful for all the work that Dr. Snyder and his team have done to make this happen. I am also grateful to our school board for giving their blessing to move forward. Just another example of how our administration puts children first in our district. »

If approved, it would be the second major athletics facility upgrade for Middlebury Schools in the last five years. An all-new football, track, softball, and baseball complex opened at the high school in 2020, featuring all-new grass pitches, a much-improved track surface, and a multi-purpose building that includes athlete locker rooms .

The Middlebury School Board has two more meetings during the school year, one on June 7 and another on June 21. It is expected that the project will be further discussed at both meetings. Project approval is yet to be determined.


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