Brooklyn Park Discusses Community Activity Center Sequel


4:16 p.m. | Friday, May 6, 2022

Four million dollars of a $26 million park bond will be earmarked for improvements to the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center (CAC).

These upgrades will include an expanded and improved lobby and dedicated space for fitness and senior center programs. An additional $2 million is earmarked for the construction of a new recreation center for teenagers.

Inside the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center.

Along with these proposed improvements, a conversation about adding water and gym spaces is also underway. To gauge public interest, an online survey was opened to Brooklyn Park residents from February through March regarding potential ACC improvements.

Results from 1,918 Brooklyn Park respondents indicated that 76% of participants are likely or somewhat likely to use an aquatic facility. Another 79% of participants say they support or strongly support a property tax increase of $41.28 per year, on a median value home to build a water feature. You can find out more about the survey here.

The city has also contacted community groups to ask how they would like to see the community center used. Many expressed a desire to see more cultural activities offered and more sports options other than hockey.

City Council discussed the investigation and comments at a business meeting on May 2.

Brooklyn Park


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