When I first saw the app Cookie Doodle, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how could a virtual cookie ever match up with a real one?! However, after playing with it for a bit, I realized that not only is it a lot of fun, but it could also be used to create a great apptivity that supported sequential thinking, measurement, fractions, and maybe even nutrition (although I don’t typically like to focus on nutrition when I get around cookies.).

As an extension, we’ll be using a couple of other apps (Safari and SimpleMind X) to personalize, extend, and assess the experience.

Cookie Doodle Icon

Cookie Doodle

1. Open Cookie Doodle ($0.99)  and follow the recipe to create and decorate your own cookie. This app walks through the process of adding and mixing ingredients, cutting out cookie shapes, cooking and decorating. You can even virtually eat the cookie! (again…not as much fun as a REAL cookie.)

Note: The YouTube video below was shared as a part of an exploration about how apps like this might benefit developing sequencing and communication skills.


2. After creating our virtual cookies with the recipes given to us, let’s explore some recipes online and find one that we would like to make. You can use Safari to explore some bookmarked websites oriented for kids and cooking. Here are a couple examples:

Nick Jr Cookie Recipes for Kids

Cookies in Motion – Kids Bake with Easy Cookie Recipes

Create a bookmark for your recipe in Safari or email it to your teacher.

SimpleMind Xpress

3. When you find a recipe you like, use a concept mapping app like SimpleMindX to create a flow chart of steps. This will help translate the recipe from list and paragraph form into a set of steps. You can save the concept maps as a picture by snapping a screen capture photo (Home + Power Button). This will put the photo into your saved photos. The app also has other sharing options, but they may require additional purchases.

OPTION: Film yourself mixing your recipe at home with your parents. Edit your cooking show footage with iMovie app or using iMovie on your Mac. Create a video podcast episode to be shared with your classmates.

OPTION: Use Fractions apps to review fractions, shoot some photos of recipe math pictures – i.e. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour and I want to double it…how much flour will I put in?

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